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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cruise Week: MYTH or FACT answers

There were four questions set on our Facebook page with common misconceptions about going on a Disney Cruise.  Let's check your answers!

1.  You MUST have a passport to sail round trip out of a US port.   MYTH.

As long as the cruise itinerary departs and arrives (round trip) back in the US, passengers are not required to have a US Passport.  Birth Certificates and Photo ID's are required by each passenger.  Passports are highly recommended though!

2. All Cruises have a Character Meal.   MYTH.

The Character Meals are included on the 7-night or longer cruises.  Although there isn't a set character breakfast like many have experienced at the Disneyland or Disney World parks, there are other ways you can encounter the characters.  There are princesses, Mickey and Friends, and Jack Sparrow who make appearances at set times.  Those times will be found in your Personal Navigator.

3.  Each sailing has a Pirate party with fireworks.   FACT

This is available on ALL Disney Cruises.  The night begins with a dinner where you'll find your server dressed up in their 'Pirate Garb' at one of the Main Dining restaurants.  You'll receive a bandana and enjoy a night full of pirate themed fun.  The night continues with the Deck Party: Music, Dancing and an encounter between Captain Hook and Mickey. And of course, the night finishes with the Finale of Fireworks! Sounds like a lot of fun!!

4.  Disney Cruises have Adult Only spots throughout the ship.   FACT

Everyone knows Disney is very family oriented, but they do consider those not traveling with children or parents that need some quiet time.  Cruises have Adult Only pools, bars, restaurants, and even a private Adult Only beach at Castaway Cay!  Ask us for more specifics after you book and we can help guide you to some quiet time while on vacation!

THANKS for playing MYTH or FACT with us!  Stay tuned in to the Enchanted Deals Facebook page ALL week and learn more about the Disney Crusies!

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