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She saved us like 2k on our Disney World trip and it didn't cost a penny to use her!
Natalie N., Hawaii- Walt Disney World
I just want to thank you.  You made this process so much easier.  I could have booked by myself, but when (a friend) referred you, I gave you a try.  I threw so many questions at you and you responded with speed and knowledge.  I was very impressed.  I will never use another Disney travel agent unless, of course, you no longer work for Disney at some point in time :)
Thank you for all your help.
You're the best!
Love, Christina P., Michigan- Walt Disney World
Sean R., Hawaii- Disneyland
Anyone needing the greatest info and direction to Disney needs to speak with Lindsey. She is about the only person I know who cannot hold the excitement when the "D" word is mentioned. She will 100% take care of you. I am impressed and we haven't left yet. The trip cost me less than trying to book it myself too.
C. family, North Carolina- Walt Disney World
Thanks so much! We are sooo excited, and you have made it so much easier!!! :)

C. family, Utah- Disneyland
We didn't wait in very many long lines.  Most under 10 minutes.  It was awesome.  The kids loved it, we really appreciate all your help.

Jill S., Indiana- Walt Disney World
I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. I know that our trip will be a hundred times less stressful because we went through you.

I will admit that growing up we used a travel agent but as adults none of our trips we have taken we have done online by ourselves. I will probably never do it by myself again, using an agent has made it so much easier and I know that if I have any questions, concerns or problems I can go to you.

Teresa J., Georgia- Walt Disney World
 It was a great experience working with Linds.  All my questions (believe me I had a ton) were answered and we had a wonderful trip. The only issue we had was our room (the request they made wasn't fulfilled).  I called Linds up and she took care of it over the phone.  Other than that it was a awesome trip.

W. family- WDW
 i couldnt have asked for a better agent THANK YOU cant wait to book the next vacation!  i think you do your job very well and gave me peace of mind knowing that i was getting the best deal for my family.

Amy B., New York- WDW
My experience was great.  Lindsey was quick to respond, and very VERY patient with all my changes and questions.  She also put together an awesome spreadsheet and offered her tips/expertise at every stage.

Marvel P., Hawaii- Disneyland, Aulani
The planning stage was so simple.  All I had to do was give Lindsey my dates and preferences and she took care of the rest.  It was by far the easiest, stress free vacation planning I have done…because I didn’t have to do anything!  In the past, I would spend countless hours on the computer researching and looking for deals but Lindsey took care of all that with her Disney Travel Agent MAGIC!  She finds every possible package that suites your budget and style.

Emily G., Texas- WDW
Linds- this was the first time I worked with a Disney agent and I recommend you to everyone that I talk to who is scheduling a Disney Trip. You surpassed my expectations and made a wonderful trip so much better! You helped us plan for everything and made out trip so much easier and more fulfilling! You even addressed the needs of my Special Needs child! I so appreciate your service which gave us our vacation of a lifetime!

Megan N, Hawaii- Disneyland
"If you are considering taking a trip to Disneyland (or to anywhere else, for that matter), absolutely go through Lindsey. Not only is Lindsey courteous and professional, she is friendly and goes the extra mile for her clients and to make them happy. My family of six and I recently went on a trip to Disneyland. At first, I tried organizing the trip myself, attempting to find the cheapest hotels, cheapest places to eat, etc online through different websites. By doing that, I found a certain price point, and afterward, I called Lindsey just to compare her rates against what I had found. To my surprise, the rates she gave me for my family of six were actually cheaper than what I had found on my own. And the package she found us was amazing! We stayed in a fantastic, clean hotel that included a gorgeous breakfast buffet, free parking, and was located a short distance from the parks. Lindsey took care of every last detail, and when I arrived at the hotel, her Disney packet was there waiting and included our park tickets, VIP seating to different productions and even a Disney gift card. I really can't stress what a good time we had because of Lindsey's help. Our trip was affordable, luxurious, and completely stress free. Do yourself a favor and go through Lindsey. This past trip to Disneyland was the best my family and I have ever experienced, and I thank Lindsey for making that happen. There are no hidden fees or weird gimmicks. Go to to find out more and to get a quote for your next Disneyland (or any other) trip!"